10 Top Affiliate Marketing Companies 2016

10 Top Affiliate Marketing Companies 2016

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Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn more. If you have a blog or site with lots of traffic, you can include yourself as an an affiliate associate with various affiliate networks or services.

Best Top Affiliate Marketing Companies

Nowadays, people love to buy online. The online stores, like Amazon also have all types of products to fulfill your necessary from toothpaste to sleeping pills. You can buy one-dollar to thousand-dollar products from the eCommerce sites.

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The quality of the products is also very high. That’s why; the affiliate program has been very popular among the internet marketers, eCommerce sites and the brands or vendors.

Today, thousands of people earn thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing or program. The affiliate associates mainly promote the products of vendors/brands through the eCommerce sites, or networks by publishing the product reviews on affiliate site or blog.

The Top Affiliate Marketing Companies

To choose the best affiliate service, you should consider the natural flow of the products, customers, and earning. The reliability of the brands and networks is also important.

Anyway, in the below I have shown the 10 top affiliate marketing companies, services or networks based on the above criteria.

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1. Amazon Affiliate ProgramTop Affiliate Marketing Companies

No doubt, the Amazon Affiliate Program is the best and most lucrative affiliate company in the planet. This company not only gives you scope to do affiliate, but also gives you facility to build up a massive business through your website or blog. Amazon Affiliate Program is the most reliable and trusted to the internet marketers, because it is the biggest eCommerce or online shop, and trusted by the customers for its high quality product base lines. I personally do Amazon affiliate, not doing anything else. Though, it gives less commission, I can increase my revenue from 4% to 10% through the selling scale. It gives you a commission for any purchase through your link whether it is you’re linked up product or not that the other affiliate networks have not this facility. The easiest way of earning more through Amazon is the customers easily buy at Amazon. You need to just pave the way for the visitors from your site to the Amazon gate. And it is the most natural affiliate program that will help you gradually to establish a passive income or business. All the people around the world purchase their necessary products from Amazon. And you will hardly find any people in the USA who don’t buy from Amazon. This is the base to earn permanent money from this affiliate network.

2. Rakuten Affiliate Network (LinkShare)Top Affiliate Marketing Companies

Rakuten Affiliate Network or LinkShare is the fastest revenue growing Affiliate Service for the website owners or publishers. If you have a website and it gets lots of organic or regular traffic, you will be eligible to open an account as a publisher with Rakuten. When any sale has taken place through your website link, you will get a commission. The commission varies from company to company that provides their products to the LinkShare network. You can choose different product categories out of different brands.

Note: Here is 3 partners- one LinkShare (affiliate network), you (publisher or affiliate associate) and brands (provide products or services to the Affiliate network to promote their products with you or publisher).

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3. AvangateTop Affiliate Marketing Companies

Avangate is one of the top affiliate marketing companies or networks for the digital or internet marketers. You can align the best-selling products with your website contents. The vendors give you up to 75% commission to confirm a selling-order through your website links. Even the vendors or brands will reward you with cash or other ways if you can do well. They will also pay you for license renewal. To increase your sales funnels, Avangate will help you with various guidelines. Besides, you will get sharpened marketing materials, like banners, data feeds, etc. To boost up your revenues.

4. Commission Junction (CJ)Top Affiliate Marketing Companies

CJ is a very profession affiliate marketing network or company. That’s why; it is one of the most popular names of the publishers and the brands. They started their journey in 1998 and since then they have been leading the affiliate marketing aggression among the publishers and the most well-known brands of the world. To be affiliated with them, you need a website with handsome traffic that have been searching products to your site. CJ will help you with their robust technology and various marketing materials, like a toolbox, deep link generator, deep link automation, CJ product widgets. All that helps you to expand your sales.

5. ClickBankTop Affiliate Marketing Companies

ClickBank is another best affiliate marketing network or company, because they are selling their products to 200 million customers around the world through the partners, like you (the publishers or affiliates). For 17 years, they have been selling digital products from cooking recipes to dating suggestion. They give the digital marketers up to 75% commission for each sale delivered. It has a great option for the affiliate marketers, which is recurring subscription based sales. You can easily earn money if you have a reputable website as ClickBank has a vast category of digital products and all are trusted by millions of customers.

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6. eBayTop Affiliate Marketing Companies

You can earn a good amount of money to drive traffic to eBay or its partner networks. The eBay Partner Network is one of the top affiliate marketing companies because of having multiple monetization options for a publisher or website owner. The eBay partner network gives you a payment based on pay per click, like AdSense. So, to get paid from eBay, your traffic has to earn revenue. eBay offers you lots of options to promote your site to revenue. The options are banner generators, link generators, an RSS feed generator, product feeds, and an API. That’s why; millions of internet marketers yet like eBay to monetize their blogs.

7. ShareASaleTop Affiliate Marketing Companies

ShareASale is another one of the best affiliate marketing companies or networks, which has a stable history of 15 years. It is a competitive network for affiliate marketers and they have different views to pave the ways to let you succeed. They have combined various useful tools to help the bloggers or affiliates to earn more revenue. ShareASale has a well-known reputation, honest accuracy, speed strategy, and efficient integration in the affiliate revolution. If you have a solid site or blog with lots of traffic, you can be approved by ShareASale. You can publicize the affiliate products through creating product links, banners, widget and other easy ways allowed by the ShareASale. You will be paid commission to complete a Merchant authorized sales, leads or clicks through your links/sites. Payments are accrued automatically on the 20th of each month when your commission goes to $50 or more. ShareASale gives you commission as per- 20% for new purchase, 10% for returning purchase, and a $1 lead commission for every new registration. This affiliate company has a great scope of 30-day cookie tracking system.

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8. FlexOffersTop Affiliate Marketing Companies

FlexOffers is one of the top affiliate marketing companies out of 10. This affiliate network has a vast product verticals and integrated with a skilled team of online experts. FlexOffers is an award winning network with comprehensively latest technology and strategy combined with effective marketing techniques, advanced payment system with NET 7, and complimentary data delivery. They have millions of services and products with a huge collection of 5000+ affiliate programs. Probably, FlexOffers owns the fastest payment delivery for the affiliates or publishers. You can promote their products or services in your blog or website through text links, content feeds, banner ads and other effective options. The big benefit is you can easily create a sale, because they only promote the products or services from the reputed and trusted brands, vendors or advertisers. FlexOffers gives commission based on CPS and CPA. You will get paid when you earn $100 or more. Besides, you can earn A BIG FISH OF UP TO $450 for each referral link.

Besides the above top affiliate marketing companies, you can see

9. avantlink.com

10. admedia.com

11. linkconnector.com

12. affiliatenetwork.com

13. us.affiliatewindow.com

14. revenuewire.com

15. affiliatefuture.com

16. onenetworkdirect.com and

17. tradedoubler.com

If you ask me, which one is the best affiliate network out of the above list, I tell you no affiliate program is as strong and blogger friendly as Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

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