Onpage SEO Checklist for WordPress Site 2016

Onpage SEO Checklist for WordPress Site 2016

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Onpage SEO is a core value that will help to rank your site/blog inside out to the search engines. WordPress sites are naturally easier for optimizing on-page SEO. You just need a good checklist.

Onpage SEO Checklist for WordPress Site 2016

Did you look correctly over your onpage SEO checklist for WordPress site? If not, do it right now.

Because, the right ways of on-page SEO optimization is a bigger bone to structure a site to the search engines in a well-attitude.

If your on page SEO is clean and up-to-date, the pressure of off page SEO can be minimized a lot.

Even, you can rank a bigger site, niche to micro niche just by a solid on page SEO optimization.

Onpage SEO Checklist for WordPress Site 2016
Google Adsense earning for November-2015

I ranked one of my niche sites just by putting on-page SEO tweaks right. I have not yet used a single off-page SEO. And this site gives me around $250/month (Adsense+Amazon Affiliate). The niche is based on evergreen keywords.

Onpage SEO Checklist for WordPress Site 2016
Amazon Affiliate earning

So, you can do it also.

The big or broad sites get more benefits by checking the onpage SEO strategies, because the broad site stays forever, and off-page SEO is generally less done.

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Onpage SEO Checklist for WordPress Site/Blog 2016

  1. Use SEO friendly permalink
  2. Create SEO friendly site’s URL
  3. Create blog title/h1 with keyword
  4. Fill in tagline
  5. Use image, video, infographic or relevant multimedia
  6. Never forget outbound links
  7. Use keyword in first 100 words
  8. Decrease loading time
  9. Add social sharing buttons
  10. Publish long-length content
  11. Cut off the bounce rate
  12. Use related/synonymous (LSI) keywords
  13. Write quality content
  14. Use relevant internal links
  15. Add h2 and h3 tags
  16. Add and optimize relevant images
  17. Develop a mobile friendly/responsive site
  18. Write SEO friendly meta description
  19. Repair broken links regularly
  20. Put your site and WordPress URL in right/same
  21. Set up XML site map to WordPress
  22. Set up an HTML site map
  23. Set up Robots.txt file
  24. Allow search engine to index your site
  25. Write long tail keyword/title
  26. Install WordPress SEO by Yoast
  27. Use keywords rightly through the content
  28. Use rel=”canonical” tags
  29. Make important words noticeable
  30. Add related post option
  31. Remove date from the evergreen post
  32. Call the visitor for action
  33. Set up Google Analytics
  34. Include your site in Webmaster Tools
  35. Change user registration setting
  36. Install Jetpack plugin to connect with WordPress
  37. The Akismet plugin for comment management
  38. Add privacy policy, disclaimer, terms & conditions or affiliate disclosure page
  39. Check the site for all compatible browsers
  40. Remove stop words from the permalinks
  41. Set up SSL/HTTPS
  42. Clean up your code
  43. Correct duplicate content issues
  44. Use pagination
  45. Add subscription box
  46. Use proper schema markup
  47. Optimize homepage content (for niche)
  48. Permanent redirect (301)
  49. Remove unnecessary tools, plugins or themes
  50. Keep update your profile

Okay guys, turn your site into a money-tree by following the above Onpage SEO Checklist for WordPress Site. The accurate onpage optimization can reduce your off-page SEO works by 80%.

Check out also a video on Onpage SEO Checklist for WordPress Site.

Video credit- inntaonlinesolutions’s channel

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