Top 10 Broken Link Checker Software

Top 10 Broken Link Checker Software

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Top 10 Broken Link Checker Software

The creating backlink is a major part of off-page SEO. Without it, ranking on google will be a little bit hard. When it comes to link building, you should build quality backlinks.

You have to also check the links continuously whether they are active or not. The Broken link means dead links and dead links are harmful to your website. Broken links are not useful for your visitors and also for the search engine.

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Your site will lose ranking if you have too much dead links. It’s also called 404 crawl errors.

So, you have to detect these links and provide the valid links to increase your site’s value. After detecting those links, you can manage them with Redirection Plugin.  If you can’t fix this problem, your site may lose the ranking, and thus, you will lose visitors.

Obviously, no one can’t want to waste their time on broken links. It is a hard task to do it manually. You can easily check your broken links with some software and then you can repair them.

Now I am going to share some tools that will help you finding out your broken or dead links.

Top 10 Broken Link Checker Software

  1. Free Link CheckerBest Broken Link Checker Software

It’s one of the best-broken link checker software. You can check your broken links easily with it. The main amazing part you can check your internal or external broken links within your blogs.  You can also check the precision of all your links on any web page. Free Link Checker also can check your image links with your URL.

  1. W3C Link CheckerBest Broken Link Checker Software

W3C Link Checker provides many useful options for checking broken links. It can save your valuable time while checking your dead links. It gives the comprehensive result. While you checking your links it shows you what has happened within your links and list the issues that have occurred.

  1. Link TigerBest Broken Link Checker Software

Well! And now the tiger!! The tool name is amazing not for its names. It’s famous for its details and boosting result. Most of the SEO expert also like Link Tiger for checking their dead links. But, it has also a problem. You can’t check your broken links unlimited. You can check 100 links in every week for totally free. The best parts of it that it can discover any broken links quickly. It also sends an email alert to you to get fast information about your dead links. So, if you use it you can find out your broken links smartly.

  1. Dead Link CheckerBest Broken Link Checker Software

Dead Link Checker is pretty cool. It’s easy to use and also simple tool. It gives you a detail description of your dead links so that’s why you can detect your useless dead links and you can fix it also soon. It’s not a famous tool but you can try it.

  1. Broken Link CheckerBest Broken Link Checker Software

BLC is another online service. It gives us fresh and clean result to check out your broken links. BLC is easy to use and you can understand all results of its. It can clear you all doubt about your broken links. And I want to vote it first for checking broken links for super service.

  1. Xenu’s Link Sleuth (Only Windows)Best Broken Link Checker Software

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a free app to detect your broken links easily. It works simply best. Just provide a URL and wait for its cool details result. It offers broken links check, image links, background, style sheets.  etc. It can also help you to check your duplicate content, paid structure and more. So, I think you can use it. Its average works are super.

  1. Google Webmaster ToolsBest Broken Link Checker Software

You can know how much Important your site to Google. When Google found your broken links you may notify by webmaster tools dashboard. It’s free and really so effective to detect dead link.

  1. Link CheckBroken Link Checker Software

Link Check is also a great tool for checking your broken links. Just put your Website or your blogs URL. After putting it you can get excellent details result about your broken link check. You can also check your internal links and your external links also. It provides you all links result and your blacklisted links result also.

  1. Small SEO ToolsBest Broken Link Checker Software

Hopefully, all of you are already familiar with this popular site. This website is famous for its awesome free SEO tools services. It provides distinct SEO tools. It has also broken link checker tools. It’s easy to use and very simple. This can’t give you details result but it just gives you root levels result. If your links have any problem then it shows error. And if all are okay then it shows ok. So, I think this is quite a good tool to use.

  1. Power MapperBest Broken Link Checker Software

Power Mapper is also can provide a good quality result. It can give you broken links, image broken links etc. result. It can also check your site quality and many others errors. It can also detect lots of error of your site.

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Choose the right one out of the top 10 broken link checker software or tools. My best choice is Xenu’s Link Sleuth for windows users. I generally use Dead Link Checker. It can give me the correct information about my broken links. This tool is really amazing. What you use, let me know in the comment section.

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