what is affiliate marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Chapter 1 Made Easy

In the recent time with the rising amount of mobile and internet users worldwide the field of affiliate marketing is ever growing. It is a working field that can turn dreams into reality, desire into possession. And of course, open a new door to possibilities that never stood a chance before today.

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Affiliate marketing will soon turn into a key source of worldwide progression and unity. It will be a medium that will bring us from everywhere even closer

Even if you are not interested in doing affiliate marketing yourself it is at least according to me a must that you should know about. Be sure that it will only help you may be tomorrow or someday in the future.

The Definition of Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very crucial matter now in the world of selling and branding but unfortunately despite f its importance most of the common people have no idea what is the deal with it.

It is a form of marketing arrangement but a bit different from the existing one. In it, a retailer in the online world pays commission or revenue to an external medium which can be website or offline for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Affiliate marketing is the best and safest method as those doing affiliate marketing, the marketers are not responsible for the orders, they do not have to deal with customers or have to maintain an inventory. All they have to do is to find out ideas for marketing it and reach out to the right audience.

The Elements of Affiliate Marketing

It takes 4 certain elements to make affiliate marketing work. Let’s find them out.

  1. Merchant, who is the seller or retailer can be an individual or business that sells a product(s) or provides service(s).
  2. Affiliate can be an individual or another company that promotes a product(s) or service(s). The affiliates get a commission on every purchase which is pre-determined. The marketing campaign is created to get the sells by using ads, links, and Right buyers are targeted and found for each type of product.
  3. The consumer is the vastest part and it can be anyone. It is the person who is targeted to be found and ends up paying a price for the products or services and satisfies the needs.
  4. Network, program or platform is the medium here, the intermediary between the merchant and affiliate that makes the whole thing happen. It is completely digital and requires the involvement of both the parties on various levels to make the whole system work for everyone’s benefit.

what is affiliate marketing

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Important?

The dynamics of affiliate marketing is very simple and one of the rarest trade as well as it has lesser loopholes in its system like no other trade in the world.

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing deals with the main goal of any business that is to increase its revenues by getting as many customers as possible also in a short time. And that is the reason why affiliate marketing is so important and is in so much demand.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Functions?

The mechanism of it is easy too to understand and function with. Once you get the flow you will get through it.

If a company that has its product and protocol to reach its customer is not satisfied with the existing number of customers and is planning to spread their business they can hire or start a program where they hire medium(s) to act as a vendor or broker to reach out to a new range of potential customer in exchange for a commitment of paying them a certain amount per certain act done.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing?

When you are working with affiliate marketing not only its element but you have to understand each and every term that goes around it. Only then you can make a change in your history.

Affiliate Programs

what is affiliate marketing

It can be called as affiliate models too. It is an automatic electronic program that involves a web advertiser and recruited webmaster.

The webmasters are affiliates who place the company’s advertisement on their own websites and target a certain group of people generating a traffic.

The ads are linked to the company’s websites through a specific affiliate link. When clicked by visitors these are the links that derive the traffic to the right place. Also, it helps to determine the source where the traffic is coming from.

One generally has to apply for their own link and join the affiliate program of the certain company. Also generally that does not cost anything.

Affiliate Link

what is affiliate marketing

You have seen internet links that help you to go to a certain place on the web. Affiliate Link is that type but a bit special. This is a link that your affiliate network generates for you for each individual offer.

This link is used on the landing page and when it is clicked you get paid. It sends a signal to the marketer that ‘this definite affiliate number has done this for you and you own the number XX credit.”

Affiliate Manager

what is affiliate marketing

The affiliate manager is the person who works at the affiliate network. It is their job to recruit affiliates that will drive quality traffic to their websites and offers.

The make the beginning smooth for you, figures out what is going well for you and also lets you know what else can be the best.


what is affiliate marketing

It is the most overlooked matter in affiliate marketing. But it is really helpful as it allows you take a systematic approach towards your campaign goal on a creative level.

Want to know more about angles in affiliate marketing? Read a=out this article from CHARLESNGO.COM.

Ads and Banners of the Merchant

what is affiliate marketing

Ads and banners are the most important thing and both merchant and affiliate need to pay attention to it while doing affiliate marketing. After all, this is the point where a visit is turned into a potential customer. The merchant can make them and their product announced to the world through a fantastic piece of ad or banner. The perkier and spectacle it is the more visitors get hooked up on it. Put your best brain, hand, and feet to make the ad for your product no matter what it is how significant it is.

An affiliate need not worry about that. The merchant will. They will design it, make and pass you the end product. All you have to worry about is to place them also that is up to you where you want to place them on your website.

Here, a mind-understanding marketing is needed as you have to calculate a few things for getting the cash.

You have to understand what adds to get and what your visitors are willing to buy and then save them at the most perfect spot so that it gets in the visitor’s vision and also gets a click, if lucky you also get a sell.

The commissions need to be counted as well as not everyone pays the same. And also there is another program for special affiliates who are mainly trusted and favorable by a company, gets extra.


what is affiliate marketing

It is the category of the products that are available in the market. In this industry, you will find a group of offers. These groups are called verticals.

There are mainly 2 verticals, the mainstream, and the adult.

The mainstream is the biggest one with sub-verticals like Games, Utilities, Sweepstakes, CryptoCurrency, etc.

As for adult, it is divided into sub-verticals. One, Video on Demand (VOD) and two, Adult Dating. That’s it! No more. Among both of them, VOD is the most important one here.

The verticals are endless and growing every day. It has everything that a human being of any kind may need in its life. Affiliates have a box full of them to choose from.

The Beginning

Affiliate market does not stop here but we will. It is the most basic knowledge that anyone leaving in this world should know as very soon affiliate marketing will take over many and more.

Stay with us as we further discover the world of this amazing affiliate marketing.