why be a graphic designer

Why You Should Become a Graphic Designer – A Cool Job

The job of a graphic designer is a dream job. It has perks that most traditional job cannot provide. It has a vibe in it that makes you want to jump to the beat.

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It is fun. It is super flexible allowing you to work from anywhere anyhow. And creativity limit? Never ending! Once you get associated with this field you will be amazed to find out what your hands and imagination can build.

The mind that is constantly looking for a purpose, crave beauty, is full of creativity and has a knack for living should and must try graphic designing. It is one of the bests!!!

The Reasons You Should Become a Graphic Designer

Let us explore a few reasons that will lure you into this profession. At least that was enough for me and got me in this fantastic world of colors and shapes.

1. Great Opportunity To Grow Up Your Creative Thinking

why be a graphic designer

Graphic Design is the best and perfect working place to feed your creativity. Every designer has to bring out new ideas every day for every different project. It is never the same story. Always a new page.

Each project stands alone on its own. It has its own theme, a different face, sets of color and feels to it. Only then that project will live the competition and stay in the run.

No matter if it is done by the same composer or is done for the same purpose everyone’s perspective is different and that reflects in this type of creative works.

A good designer’s specialty is to make something different and to think what nobody could do before. A designer is a creator of a whole new world in the virtual realm.

Every day a designer can learn something new, see something new and increase their thinking level by their daily works.

2. Learning Is Permanent In Daily Routine

Now, that is my point of view. I like this part of designing. I like to learn seriously, not the boring academic book stuff but this practical virtual world of colors, managing, spacing, thinking….

As you have to create something completely new you will not have to brush up your skill but will also have add news feather to your turban. Only by knowing new methods you can stay in line.

If you have a knack for arranging things and analytical abilities designing is the place for you. It is a puzzle that you will create and then fix, a maze that you have to find the exit while creating your own route. Also leaving no trace behind.

3. The Key Person Of Your Team

why be a graphic designer

A Graphic Designer is a very important person in a company. In the case of product design (Website Design, App Design, Game Design etc.), the designer has to work first. They create the path what others have to follow.

Not only this, a designer has to create the main interface of a product. Your product or company will fail if your designer can’t do something awesome and move the users.

The value or demand for a product depends on the design’s usability and interface that is created by a graphic designer. So you can say that he is the key person in his team.

4. Opportunities That Never Ends

why be a graphic designer

Most of the companies work in the world is based on a product. And that is where a designer plays an important role in a product based company as said before. You will always be the star of the show.

Companies need and depend on their designer’s creativity and capability. They are like there weapon. Business card, brochure, leaflet, merchandise, calendar, festoon, billboard design, magazine design and all kinds of printing accessories are whose responsibilities? Answer- A Designer’s.

5. The Flexible Time Frame

Now a designer like any other freelancer has the chance of choosing her or his working time. Yes. We can do that. We can chose whether to work and 9 to 5 or go for more flexibility.

You can choose what to do and yet have a sufficient income. More than 53 million people are doing freelance in the world. So, yeah. It is a thing.

6. A Flexible Working Atmosphere

why be a graphic designer

Now, this is a point that I crave for too much. The idea of sitting in one place for more than hours can count is nauseating to me.

Spark for being a renowned designer is they can work for any company or institute in the world also by staying in their own home or traveling abroad. Even travel loving people will have a permanent income.

You can still be in your favorite cafe, with your family and friend or at your favorite vacation destination and still work for anyone. It can be a remote place or any exotic area all you need is an internet connection and your knowledge.

A good designer can work from anywhere in the world. No need to find the nearest workplace for a quality designer. You can work anywhere in the world from your location by the remote job. No need to attend office every day if you can work from a distance. You just manage an internet connection to join your community.

7. Good Designers are always in demand

why be a graphic designer

Graphic Design is one of the highest paid jobs in the rise of digital technology. You don’t have to worry about a job or money. A good designer doesn’t have to look for opportunities but opportunities will look for a good designer.

That’s why we can say, “We, designers, will never run out of a job”. It is impossible unless people stop building new items, which is never gonna happen.

Now Time For Some More True But Bitter Words

Yes. The career is great. No doubt about that. But the path to building this career is not so great. Just like any other career and work it has its struggle. And you have to work really hard to make a mark. But be assured of one thing you will get your deserving chance for sure if you work accordingly.

Are You Ready For It

So do you think you have the talent, necessary skills and determination to be the change in the changing world? Then the post of a designer is for you.